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I have been a full-time lecturer in the Computer Engineering Program of Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC) since 2009. I have been teaching a number of fundamental computer engineering courses which include the following:

  • CNG140 – C Programming [Advanced programming with C: storage and control structures, recursion and programming with dynamic data structures.]
  • CNG213 – Data Structures [Classification of data structures, space and time considerations. Linked lists, stacks and queues. Tree structures, binary search trees. Array and pointer based implementations. Recursive applications. Sorting and searching.]
  • CNG351 – Data Management and File Structures [Sequential files. Unordered sequential files. Ordered sequential files. External sorting. Heap sort. Replacement selection sort. Large memory sorting. B+tree index. Hashing. Classical hashing. Linear hashing. Introduction to DBMSs. Relational databases. Relational query languages. Relational algebra. Relational calculus. SQL. QBE.QUEL. Implementing the join operation. Entity-Relationship data model.]
  • CNG352 – Database Management System [Relational model of data, relational algebra, query optimization, entity-relationship data model, normalization, physical database design and tuning, transaction management, concurrency control in DBMSs, crash recovery, client-server architectures, security and authorization, XML, XQuery, Web data management, Web services.]
  • CNG443 – Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Languages and Systems [Object-Orientated Programming Basics. Advanced Object-Orientation Programming Concepts. Exception Handling. I/O Streams and Decorator Pattern. Concurrency. GUI Development. Security Issues. Objects over Network. Database Connectivity. Serialization and Deserialization. Remote Method Calls. Introduction to Enterprise Components.]
  • CNG462: Artificial Intelligence [Knowledge representation, heuristic search, problem solving, game-playing, logic and deduction, planning, introduction to machine learning and natural-language processing.]

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